It is important to obtain the advice of your physician and receive a diagnosis and treatment regimen. Doctors often treat bacterial infections with prescription antibiotics and also often use boric acid, as well. The clinical study reports in our TREATMENT LITERATURE section (see tab above) have lots of good information about the effectiveness of pharmaceutical grade boric acid for vaginal health. Your physician will determine if the symptoms you are experiencing are in fact related to the common vaginal conditions or if they are attributed to other medical conditions.

Dosing Guidelines

The 600 mg of boric acid within the suppositories is consistent with dosage levels used in clinical studies. Dosing regimens vary depending on the specific condition.

  • Usually, treatment for mild infections involves the use of one (1) suppository per day for 6-14 days.
  • More acute infections may require one (1) suppository twice daily for 6 days, or longer if needed.
  • For women subject to chronic infections, using one (1) suppository daily during menstruation may help prevent infections.