Question about Using pH-D Prophylactically

I have purchased pH-D and have used it for two nights. I have read the reviews on Amazon. There are many different regimens that each woman uses, with “success.” Your recommendation is to use one for 6-14 days. Here’s my question.

Some women seem to use the product prophylactically for several days, then saying it “protects” them from infection for a long period of time. Some use it when they have an infection. Some once a week, some after sex or menstrual cycle. 
Is a course of 6-14 days meant to stave off infection for a long while? Is it meant to be used routinely, regardless? Or, after an event?
 Please, clarify. Thank you.

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Comments from Amy H.

Okay ladies – I know we all get super squirmy when we have to discuss our hoo-ha’s but I just wanna throw this out there because I read all the reviews before I tried this product and I want to give my honest feedback so you, too, can make an informed decision.

First, let me preface my review with this – I have a medical background and I am a Skeptic with a capital S. Seriously, if I had a Big S on my extra wide elastic waste-cinching band, it would stand for Super Skeptic. Well, then, it would have to be SS, I guess.

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